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I entertain myself with long distance bicycle adventures. Frank rode solo between 1986 and 1996, but nearly all the images (and lessons) from those rides reside only in his synapses. When Jeannine and Frank started to duet in 1997, some of images from those trips were recorded:
⚖ Tempe to the Rim to Tempe 2020?
Barranca Loop in 2004
Frank's North Star Expedition in 2001
Our Chicago to Toronto to Chicago tour in 2000
Our tour of Wisconsin's Thumb in 1999
Our southwest tour: San Diego to Silver City in 1998
Our first ride together: Santa Cruz to San Diego in 1997
Frank's tour of Georgia in 1996
⚖ Chicago to Aspen 1995
⚖ Santa Cruz to Aspen 1993
⚖ Santa Cruz to Cabo San Lucas 1991
⚖ Seattle to Santa Cruz 1990
Its now been awhile since I've toured - raising kids. I like to claim that bicycling touring is part of my past and part of my future. I can hardly wait for my next tour - I miss it dearly.

Presently I own a 1998 Bruce Gordon Rock & Road and have my eye on my next touring rig. A great source of information for bicycle touring is the Adventure Cycling Organization.