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Contact: F.X.Timmes
my one page vitae,
full vitae,
research statement, and
teaching statement.

Here is the class syllabus and schedule: syllabus.pdf. These web pages are intended to supplement the notes you take in class. They are not a reason to skip class.

Some of the illustrations I made for this course are avaliable here.
First half:

* Basics & Celtic Knots

* Golden ratio

* Fibonacci & Phyllotaxis

* Regular & Semiregular tilings

* Irregular tilings

* Rosette & Frieze groups

Second half:

* Wallpaper groups

* Platonic solids

* Archimedean solids

* Noneuclidean geometry

* Bubbles

* Fractals

Here are the phyllotaxis movies we use in class03.
Here are the nets that we use in class08 and class09.
See how GPS works.