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These web pages are intended to supplement the notes you take in class. They are not a reason to skip class.

Class # What we did html pdf supporting material
Class 01 Walk Syllabus
Class 02 Root Finding I
Class 03 Root Finding II
Class 04 Monte Carlo I
Class 05 Monte Carlo II
Class 06 Reaction Network I
Class 07 Reaction Network II
Class 08 Interpolation I
Class 09 Interpolation II
Class 10 Interpolation III
Class 11 Linear Algebra I
Class 12 Linear Algebra II
Class 13 Linear Algebra III
Class 14 ODEs I
Class 15 ODEs II
Class 16 ODEs III
Class 17 N-Body I
Class 18 No class
Class 19 Lists & Trees I
Class 20 No class
Class 21 N-Body II
Class 22 Data Modeling I
Class 23 Data Modeling II
Class 24 Data Modeling III