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Contact: F.X.Timmes
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I've been teaching astronomy, physics, and math since about 1990. Past institutions include UC Santa Cruz and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently I teach at Arizona State University and the MESA Summer Schools at UC Santa Barbara.

I specialize in very large enrollment introductory courses.

For example, I've been teaching online only since 2009, with the courses coordinated by ASU Online and EdPLus. These days enrollments in "my" Solar Systems Astronomy and my Energy in Everyday Life courses are about 1000 students per offering.

As another example, I am also the instructor for the largest college credit eligible astronomy course in the world. The August 2015 initial offering of Solar Systems Astronomy also made this course the first college credit eligible MOOC in the world. This course is part of the ASU + EdX Global Freshman Academy.
AST 111x - Solar Systems Astronomy
SES 194 - Energy in Everyday Life
Customizing pgstar
MESA-Web - for education on stars
MESA Marketplace - for research
Geometry of Art and Nature
 ∫  Calculus
AST 111 - Solar Systems Astronomy
AST 113 - Astronomy Laboratory I
AST 112 - Stars & Galaxies
AST 114 - Astronomy Laboratory II
∆  Numerical Techniques
Related teaching materials include:
• openstax's free astronomy textbook
• Ed Brown's excellent lecture notes
• The Open Astrophysics Bookshelf

Start of posting my notes:
Abundance variables
• Abundance variable first derivative nuances
• Abundance variable first derivative examples
• Abundance variable second derivatives
• Nuclear energy generation expressions
• Reaction network origins
Effective reaction rates for networks
Self-heating reaction networks

I have an active education and public outreach program.

My teaching statement.

Future famous astrophysicists in action
at the MESA Summer School