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I provide service to the international astronomy & astrophysics community through the American Astronomical Society Journals (i.e., the AJ, ApJ, ApJ Supplement, ApJ Letters, PSJ, Research Notes, and BAAS). I've been a Scientific Editor since 2009, Lead Editor for the High Energy Phenomena and Fundamental Physics corridor since 2016, and Senior Lead Editor since 2019. A little bit about my service is described in this April 2016 AAS Nova article.

AAS YouTube:
I regularily contribute content to the AAS YouTube channel - see this April 2019 AAS Nova article, March 2020 AAS Teaching Online release, and March 2020 AAS Press release. Here are some of my most active playlists:

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and Ebooks too:

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The First and Last Printed ApJ:

The first (May 1895) and last (Dec 2014) printed ApJ.

The Top 50 cited articles:

Evolution of the most cited Most Cited astronomy & astrophysics articles and journals.


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