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I provide service to the international astronomy & astrophysics community through the American Astronomical Society Journals (i.e., the AJ, ApJ, ApJ Supplement, ApJ Letters, and Research Notes). I've been a Scientific Editor since 2009, Lead Editor for the High Energy Phenomena and Fundamental Physics corridor since 2016, and Senior Lead Editor since 2019. A little bit about my service is described in this April 2016 AAS Nova article. I'm also driving the AAS Youtube channel - see this April 2019 AAS Nova article.

Date Topic Date Topic
29apr2019 On Publishing in the AAS Journals (as an author) 13may2019 What's an ApJ Letter these days?
27may2019 On Anonymity 10jun2019 The AAS Journal Business Model
24jun2019 Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society (BAAS) 08jul2019 Research Notes of the AAS
22jul2019 Astronomy Image Explorer 05aug2019 ApJ Supplement Series
19aug2019 Powered by the Unified Astronomy Thesarus 02sep2019 Partnering with the Journal of Open Source Software
16sep2019 Serving as a referee I 30sep2019 Serving as a referee II
14oct2019 Serving as a referee III 26oct2019 The Astronomical Journal
11nov2019 The Astrophysical Journal 23nov2019 The Top 50 Most Cited Articles
08dec2019 Special Issues! 23dec2019 How to submit a manuscript to the ApJ
05jan2020 Focus Issues 20Jan2020 Ethics of the AAS Journals I
03Feb2020 Ethics of the AAS Journals II 17Feb2020 Topical Corridors I
02Mar2020 Topical Corridors II 16Mar2020 AAS Publishing ebooks I
30Mar2020 AAS Publishing ebooks II tbd Planetary Science Journal
tbd Your Scientific Editors tbd Sky and Telescope
tbd Serving as an Editor I tbd Serving as an Editor II

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