aaah, summer ahead

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 11:49 AM

We've now have over 100 add-ons and inlists posted. This is about a factor of four more than when this reboot of began, mostly accomplished by bugging lead authors on new papers as they come out, and some by going through past papers.

 MESA 9793 was released today! The 2017 MESA Summer School activities have been kicked up a gear!

My favorite latest read is a mouthful "Weighing in on the masses of Retired A stars with asteroseismology: K2 observations of the exoplanet-host star HD 212771" by Campante et al. MNRAS 469, 1360, 2017. The jargon "retired" simply means the star has evolved off the main sequence. The science question is the mass of such stars. Usually these masses are derived by combining spectroscopy and isochrone fitting, but it has been suggested that masses of such stars have been overestimated. This paper weighs in on the issue by combining spectroscopy and astereoseismology. They find a mass, 1.45 ± 0.1 solar masses, that does not support the suggestion. So at least in this case, spectroscopy and isochrone fitting are OK. One of my favorite plots in this paper is their Figure 2, which among other things, features a a very dense grid (∆M = 0.01 solar masses) of MESA models. 

I think its time to record a new MESA how-to video ...