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Sunday, July 9, 2017 5:30 PM

The 2017 MESA Summer School is heating up. Lecturers and TAs are busy crafting the MESA labs and all the logistics of pulling off the annual event are in full swing.  T-minus 5 weeks to go! 

My favorite MESA related reads these past few weeks are a powerful blast from the past. In the late 1980's, Werner DappenDimitri Mihalas, and  David Hummer uncorked a remarkable set of four papers on the equation of state of partially ionized gases (e.g., stellar envelopes). It's beautful - minimization of a Helmholtz free energy with analytic first derivatives (pressure, energy, entropy) and second derivatives (specific heats, adiabtic indices, etc) . It's commonly known the MHD equation of state. While obtaining  a small number of tables with limited information  (think OPAL eos tables) was not too challenging, actually obtaining the MHD source code so that one could produce one's own "beautiful tables" was apparently another matter alltogether. Stay tuned!