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Year Lecturer Title MESA version Google Sheet Get
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2018 Charlie Conroy Radius Inflation on the Lower Main Sequence 10398 View Get
2018 Jennifer van Saders Gaia and the HR Diagram 10398 View Get
2018 Warrick Ball The Astero Module 10398 View Get
2018 Rich Townsend Crash course in GYRE 10398 View Get
2018 Matteo Cantiello Planetary Engulfment 10398 View Get
2018 Lars Bildsten Convective Boundary for Los Mass stars 10398 View Get
2018 Josiah Schwab Beyond Inlists 10398 View Get
2018 Frank Timmes Customizing pgstar 10398 View Get
2017 Leslie Rogers Planets with cores: Sub-Neptunes 9793 View Get
2017 Jonathan Fortney Giants planets at small orbital distances 9793 View Get
2017 Selma De Mink Massive binaries 9793 View Get
2017 Pablo Marchant Stellar rotation in binary systems 9793 View Get
2017 Lars Bildsten Gravitational contraction phase for low mass objects 9793 View Get
2017 Josiah Schwab Beyond Inlists 9793 View Get
2017 Frank Timmes Customizing pgstar 9793 View Get
2016 Conny Aerts Gravity-mode oscillations of massive stars 8118 View Get
2016 Norbert Langer Massive stars 8118 View Get
2016 Alfred Gautschy Pulsations 8118 View Get
2016 Jim Fuller Transport by waves 8118 View Get
2016 Lars Bildsten Core overshoot during hydrogen burning 8118 View Get
2016 Josiah Schwab Beyond Inlists 8118 View Get
2016 Frank Timmes Customizing pgstar 8118 View Get
2015 Andrew Cumming Type I X-ray Bursts 7624 View Get
2015 Sterl Phinney Binary Mass Transfer 7624 View Get
2015 Craig Wheeler Massive Star Explosions 7624 View Get
2015 Ken Shen Double White Dwarf Mergers 7624 View Get
2015 Lars Bildsten Particle Diffusion 7624 View Get
2015 Josiah Schwab Beyond Inlists 7624 View Get
2015 Frank Timmes Customizing pgstar 7624 View Get
2014 Pascale Garaud Stellar Mixing 6794 View Get
2014 Eliot Quataert Winds from Massive Stars 6794 View Get
2014 Dean Townsley Accreting White Dwarfs 6794 View Get
2014 Jim Fuller Introduction to GYRE 6794 View Get
2014 Kevin Moore MESA Tutorial - run_star_extras 6794 View Get
2014 Lars Bildsten Stellar Response to Mass Loss 6794 View Get
2014 Frank Timmes Customizing pgstar 6794 View Get
2013 Ed Brown Accretion and Burning 5271 View Get
2013 Steve Kawaler Pre-Main Sequence Evolution of Low Mass Stars 5271 View Get
2013 Dennis Stello Asteroseismology of Cool Stars 5271 View Get
2013 Anne Thoul Asteroseismology of Main-Sequence B stars 5271 View Get
2013 Bill Wolf Tioga Seminar 5271 View Get
2013 Josiah Schwab run_star_extra Seminar 5271 View Get
2013 Lars Bildsten Helium Core Burning in Low Mass Stars 5271 View Get
2013 Frank Timmes Massive Stars 5271 View Get
2012 Phil Arras Giant Planet Structure and Evolution 4822 View Get
2012 Rich Townsend Asteroseismology 4822 View Get
2012 Matteo Cantiello Rotation 4822 View Get
2012 Mike Montgomery White Dwarf Structure and Evolution 4822 View Get
2012 Lars Bildsten Accretion onto White Dwarfs 4822 View Get
2012 Frank Timmes Reaction Networks 4822 View Get


Stellar Structure and Evolution Lab by Ehsan Moravveji.

Simulating Stars:  From Theory to Observations -  a 2018 event sponsored by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012.

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"Stellar Astrophysics"  by Ed Brown is sprinkled with MESA exercises.

"Stellar Interiors" by Hansen, Kawaler, and Trimble, and  Lecture Notes from Onno Pols have been paired with MESA .

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