2015 SI2 PI Workshop : February 17 - 18

All participants are expected to share a poster about their SI2 project in digital  and paper forms.

Digital Poster: 

Please email your project poster as a file attachment to kgustafs@renci.org by Feb 9. We can accept PDF (preferred), PowerPoint, image files, and more.


The following poster metadata should be included in your email:

      Name of PI or contact person for the poster

      Contact Email address

      Project url

      SI2 project name

      SI2 project type {EAGER, SSE, SSI, S2I2}

      NSF award number

      Project abstract with 3-5 sentences for project website


Let us know if you want a DOI assigned to your poster.  If you already have a DOI assigned to your poster, let us know that too.  The DOI provides a persistent identifier and may be used for citation purposes.

All digital posters are posted at https://share.renci.org/SI2PI2015/ .

Paper Poster:

Posters must be 4ft x 4ft in size or less.  Plan on bringing one with you or mailing it to yourself at the Westin. For those wanting to print their poster upon arrival, there are 5 printing/copy shops located within walking/taxi distance of the Westin.  None of them are open 24 hours. Here is a link to a map.